Characteristics of rubber products

Characteristics of rubber products
1. When rubber products are molded, they are pressed with high pressure, and the cohesion can not be eliminated due to the elastomer. When they are molded and released from the mold, they often produce extremely unstable shrinkage (the shrinkage rate of rubber varies due to different types of rubber). It can only be gently stabilized after a period of time. Therefore, at the beginning of the design of a rubber product, whether it is a formula or a mold, it is necessary to carefully calculate the matching. If not, it is easy to produce instability in the size of the product, resulting in low quality of the product.
2. Rubber is a thermosetting elastomer, while plastic is a thermosetting elastomer. Due to the different types and main bodies of sulfides, there is a considerable difference in the temperature range of rubber molding and curing, and it may even be affected by climate change and indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of rubber products need to be adjusted appropriately at any time. If not, the product quality may be different.
3. Rubber products are made from rubber raw materials after mixing in an internal mixer. When mixing, the formula is designed according to the characteristics of the required rubber products, and the required product hardness is determined. The product is molded by a rubber flat vulcanizer. After the product is formed, the final flash treatment is carried out to make the surface of the product smooth and burr free.

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