Differences between silicone and rubber products

How do we usually distinguish between silicone and rubber? It’s easy for people who specialize in the rubber industry to distinguish, but it’s difficult for most people who don’t know rubber and silicone. Let’s learn how to distinguish silicone and rubber products.
In the use of rubber pads, our application environment is different, so for some occasions, our application of silicone and rubber is also different, and the use effect and characteristics are also different. Silicone products are also a kind of rubber products. Difference between silicone and rubber:
(1) The taste of rubber products is pungent;
(2) Both burning silicone will not ignite an open fire. When it burns, the smoke is white, and when it burns, the rubber emits black smoke, which is pungent and black, with a strong taste;
(3) Rubber products will turn white after a long time, while silicone products will not;
(4) silicone will whiten when torn, but rubber will not.

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