Five characteristics of rubber products

1、 It is low-temperature resistant and can be used normally under the high temperature of 300 ℃. It is still elastic under the low temperature of – 60 ℃. The normal operation is around 250 ℃.
2、 The insulation property of rubber is good, and the dielectric property of silicone rubber is very good. Under high temperature, the dielectric property exceeds that of ordinary organic rubber, and the dielectric strength is generally between 20 ℃ and 200 ℃, which is not affected by temperature.
3、 Rubber products have a strong adaptability to the environment. They have a strong Kangxi resistance to ozone and ultraviolet. When used outdoors, they will not crack for a long time. According to the inspection, silicone rubber can be used outdoors for a long time of more than 20 years.
4、 Good high temperature compression set
5、 Rubber products have good processing performance and are easy to form. There are many manufacturing methods. The common manufacturing methods are vulcanization molding, mold addition molding, and extension molding. Due to the superior performance of rubber products, they are widely used in various industries, such as electronic industry, machinery industry, aerospace industry, chemical industry and medical industry.

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