Performance and application of silicone hose

1. Industrial use: the above also describes the industrial use of woven silicone tubes, which really surprises us. It can not only make small silicone tubes, but also design thickened silicone tubes, which fully proves the wide use of such tubes in industry,
2. Medical use: in the medical industry, too many silicone tubes are used; For example, this braided thickened silicone tube can be used in the medical industry to achieve super large infusion transmission, which can transport or transport tens of thousands of tons of medical liquids. What are the new uses of woven silicone tubes?
3. The thickness of woven silicone hose is relatively thick, which can resist all kinds of blows, and also various lathes. It will not explode on the pipe, and can resist tens of thousands of tons of vehicles directly to the bed; And eyes can stand together
It is elastic and resilient.

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