What are the main processes of silicone rubber products?

Molding is a common manufacturing process. It is mainly completed by the mold cooperation, and the shape of the mold determines the shape of the silicone product. Molded silica gel products are usually formed by high-temperature modulus, adding solid silica gel raw materials with vulcanizing agent, and then applying pressure through the vulcanizing machine to solidify high-temperature sulfur
This process requires high quality, which is the combination of liquid silicone and plastic. Its products have good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance and will not produce toxic substances during combustion.
Silicone rubber is kneaded and mixed with silica, silicone oil, etc. to make rubber mixture, and then calendered into sheet. The physical and mechanical properties of the film made by calendering are obviously different in the longitudinal and transverse directions, which is called calendering effect. The calendering effect is related to the composition of rubber compound, calendering temperature, speed and speed ratio. Use large dry products, such as silicon film and silicon plate.
Operation method of pouring mold or pouring mold: the pouring mold or pouring mold is a relatively smooth or simple product without a mold line, which saves labor and time. It is to enclose the product or model you want to copy with a rubber plate or a glass plate, and pour the vacuumized silica gel directly onto the product. After the silica gel is dried and formed, take out the product and the mold is formed
Rapid vulcanization; Strong adhesion: good fluidity and easy to defoaming. Using platinum complex catalysis, non-toxic and odorless; Excellent thermal stability and cold resistance, good air permeability, heat resistance and certain tensile strength after molding; Excellent anti-skid performance; Non pollution: low hardness; The adhesive is firmly bonded.

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