ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plastic

ABS has excellent mechanical properties and excellent impact strength, which can be used at very low temperature; ABS has excellent wear resistance, good dimensional stability and oil resistance. It can be used for bearings under medium load and speed. The creep resistance of ABS is larger than PSF and PC, but smaller than PA and POM. The bending strength and compressive strength of ABS are poor among plastics. The mechanical properties of ABS are greatly affected by temperature.

Thermal properties the thermal deformation temperature of ABS is 93 ~ 118 ℃, which can be increased by about 10 ℃ after annealing. ABS can still show certain toughness at – 40 ℃ and can be used in the temperature range of – 40 ~ 100 ℃. It is insoluble in various inorganic salts such as chlorine, ketones and aldehydes. Electrical performance ABS has good electrical insulation and is almost unaffected by temperature, humidity and frequency. It can be used in most environments.

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