Application and properties of FKM

The high-speed development of general FKM is mainly because it has the best comprehensive properties, including good mechanical strength, good thermal stability, excellent medium resistance, convenient processing and production process, and low wood yield. Therefore, it occupies an absolutely dominant position in aeroelastomers. It has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, transportation, petroleum, machinery, llurgy, chemical and other industrial sectors, and has achieved good economic and social benefits in various fields.
1. high temperature resistance FKM and Jia rubber have the best high temperature resistance among the existing rubbers.
2. corrosion resistance FKM has excellent corrosion resistance. It has excellent stability to organic liquids, different fuel oils and lubricating oils. It has good corrosion resistance to most inorganic acids, hydrocarbons, carbohydrates and toluene. Only the instrument is not resistant to low molecular esters, ethers, ketones and some rubber compounds.
3. electrical performance the electrical insulation performance of FKM is not very good, and it is only suitable for use under low frequency and low voltage. Temperature has a great impact on its electrical properties. When it rises from 24 ° C to 184 ° C, its insulation resistance decreases by 35000 times.
4. gas permeable FKM has large gas solubility, small diffusion speed and small total gas permeability. In FKM, the addition of filler fills the gap in the rubber, so that the air permeability of vulcanizate becomes smaller, which is very beneficial to vacuum sealing. If properly equipped, FKM can solve the problem of 10-7pa vacuum sealing

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