Application fields of silicone materials-1

Silicone material is a new type of environmental protection material with a wide range of applications. In high-tech products, silicone is one of the indispensable materials. Its characteristics are heat conduction, electricity resistance and fire resistance. For example, in daily electronic equipment, silicone will be used as potting material. With the progress of science and technology, silicone has gradually become familiar. For example, it is used in mobile phone shell, clothing trademark, various daily products, medical human organs, human mask and breast enhancement products. silicone has tear resistance, tensile strength, elasticity and stickiness. Different use effects can be achieved through different proportions. It can be liquid and solidified.
Silicone material can be used for mold making in the manufacturing industry. Mold can be easily and quickly made for products through molding technology. It has the advantages of easy disassembly and zero damage to products. Therefore, silicone is often used as raw material for mold opening technology of many products, such as stone plaster construction mold, European construction mold, food grade mold, chocolate cake mold and decoration mold. It is precisely because of the characteristics of silicone, Therefore, silicone has also become a popular product for material selection in the mold industry.

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