Application of Acrylate Rubber in seals

Application of acrylate rubber in seals
In rubber industrial products, seal products are a kind of basic accessories with very high technical content and many categories. Although it is installed in an insignificant sealing device, it is related to life and death. In the process of mankind’s continuous pursuit of scientific progress and innovation, preventing “three leaks” (oil, water, liquid and gas) is the key to success or failure. Sealing devices are everywhere in the sky, on the ground, in the ocean, especially in the development of space field. Sealing engineering is the most critical high-tech, which is the product of interdisciplinary. Therefore, sealing technology should be at the forefront of other projects and “escort” the safety in various fields. “No leakage” will be the eternal pursuit theme now and in the future.
Acrylate rubber is a copolymer of alkyl acrylate monomer and a small amount of monomer with crossing active group. The main chain of the polymer is plutonium and type, and contains polar ester groups. Thus, acrylate rubber has outstanding heat-resistant oil performance, which is very suitable for rubber parts in automobile engine, and is called “automobile rubber”. Acrylate rubber is characterized by heat and oxygen aging resistance and oil resistance. In hot oil, its performance is better than that of nitrile oil resistant rubber. It can work in hot oil for a long time. This excellent characteristic makes it have a great advantage in all kinds of automotive sealing accessories. It is very suitable for gearbox seal, piston rod seal, spark plug cap, radiator hose, valve rod and oil deflector. In addition to being used in the automotive industry, it can also be used in other fields, such as oil-resistant gasket, heat-resistant oil diaphragm, and equipment sealing products for deep oil well exploration.

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