Are duckbill valves dishwasher safe?

Surely Duckbill Valve’s safely using in dishwasher. Duckbill valves are commonly used in various applications, including medical devices, automotive systems, and industrial equipment, etc. So I think the better question is what type of duckbill valve’s safe in dishwasher.

The working environment in dishwasher, contains high temperature, detergents, long lifetime, food residue, humidity.

First duckbill valve could deal with good residue very good. You could see the photo below that even a stick could pass through. There is no doubt to pass small particles or residue. You could watch full video by YouTube:

What is structure of Duckbill Valve? #plastic #valve  #rubber #duckbill

Usually when we think about material contact with food, the silicone will pop into head. But it might not be best choice for a dishwasher. Silicone absorb water slowly & doesn’t sustain detergents, then it causes malfunction. So ideal material would be EPDM or FKM.

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