Briefly describe the use of silicone products and better understand the application scope of silicone products

1. Silicone products are an indispensable part of making copiers, keyboards, electronic dictionaries, remote controls, toys, silicone keys and so on.
2. It can be used as durable shaped gaskets, packaging materials for electronic parts and maintenance materials for automotive electronic parts.
3. It can be used for making electronic components and molding high point pressing edge.
4. It can be used to make conductive silicone, medical silicone, foam silicone, molding silicone, etc.
5. It is used in the construction and repair of houses, the sealing of high-speed km joints, the sealing of bridges and other sealing projects.
6. It can be used for baby products, mother and baby products, baby bottles and bottle protective covers.
7. It can be used for the production of kitchen products, Kitchenware and related auxiliary kitchenware products
8. It can be used for medical device accessories. Because silicone is colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, it is widely used in the medical industry

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