Characteristics of umbrella valve

The umbrella valve is of the same structure as the umbrella. At the same time, the cylinder and mounting hole of the valve diaphragm are designed for interference assembly. The umbrella valve is made of silicone or rubber.
After the valve diaphragm is assembled to the accessories, the end of the buckle column close to the umbrella can be directly clamped and fixed, and the installation is simple and easy to operate.
How does the umbrella valve work? When the fluid pressure at the opening side of the umbrella valve is greater than the pressure at the top end of the umbrella, the umbrella valve is pushed open and the fluid passes through.
The working principle of the umbrella valve is that the pressure on the umbrella cap of the umbrella diaphragm causes the umbrella mouth of the umbrella diaphragm to deform and contract, the edge of the umbrella mouth fits with the end face of the valve body, and the umbrella mouth is connected with the one-way valve.
The umbrella mouth closely covers the exhaust holes around the installation holes, which can improve the reliability and air tightness. Umbrella valve in the automotive industry, home appliances, medicine and other industries.

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