Fuzhou Jingteng Seiko Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

      Over the years,Fuzhou Jingteng Seiko has been committed to the field of micro fluid control, relying on a strong
technical reserve and development team,We offer the best solutions for our customers. 

Existing products include duckbill valve, umbrella valve, medical one-way Valves, luer one-way valves, diaphragms,
etc. Products are mainly used in various fields of medical and health, such as infusion systems,analgesia pump,
MRI/CT, ventilator, endoscope, urinary catheter, waste liquid treatment,wound healing, etc. We have become the
first choice of many industry leaders.

     We has an annual output of 10 million various check valves, and all products are 100% inspected and delivered.

      Now we have SGS certified 10,000-level and 100,000-level dust-free workshops, automated molding and assembly equipment, professional R&D,quality control team, providing a strong guarantee of the manufacturing of products with high precision and cleaness requirements. 

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