1. Advantages: It has excellent oil resistance and solvent resistance. It has good stability at room temperature and high temperature for various petroleum-d fuel oils, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and some synthetic oils (such as diester lubricating oils, silicate hydraulic oils, etc.) elasticity. Under the condition of oil immersion, the maximum operating temperature can reach 180℃. It has good stability at room temperature and high temperature, and can be used for a long time in the range of -60℃~+200℃. 

2. Disadvantages: low mechanical strength, average resistance to ethanol gasoline, high price 

3. Application:

●Aviation industry: used in harsh environments that require low temperature/oil/acid resistance, such as fuel oil resistance, lubricating oil seals, integral fuel tank seals, sensor materials, and diaphragms on aircraft. 

●Automotive industry: various types of vehicle sealing rings, oil seals, diaphragms, conduits, and valves. Sensing material for door/window/cover seals of special vehicles, sensors for sensors. 

4. Keywords: high and low temperature resistance, high and low humidity, oil resistance, medium resistance. Poor strength and high price; 

5. Fluorosilicone rubber is the preferred material for fuel resistance and high and low temperature resistance.

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