High-Speed CNC Machining

It can efficiently process hardened mold materials and difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel. Under the support of Jingdiao’s original “on-line measurement and intelligent correction” technology, Jingdiao engraving center can stably realize micro-milling, high-gloss milling, mirror milling, precision milling, grinding, drilling, polishing, boring, tapping and other composite processing. ! The beam adopts a three-rail support structure, which improves the rigidity of the machine tool and the stability of the movement. Beijing Jingdiao high-speed synchronous motorized spindle can be used for high-speed rigid tapping. X-axis travel: 600mm Y-axis travel: 500mm Z-axis travel: 300mm Workbench size: 650×650mm Maximum spindle speed: 24000r/min X-axis rapid traverse speed: 18m/min X-axis feed rate: 10m/min Y-axis feed rate: 10m/min Y-axis rapid traverse rate: 18m/min Z-axis rapid traverse speed: 18m/min Z-axis feed rate: 10m/min X-axis positioning accuracy: 0.008mm Y-axis positioning accuracy: 0.008mm Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.006mm X-axis repeat positioning accuracy: 0.005mm Y-axis repeat positioning accuracy: 0.005mm Z axis repeat positioning accuracy: 0.005mm.

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