Medical Check Valve Introduction

Divided according to the medium and functionality passed: there are one-way valves for intravenous injection, one-way valves for breathing equipment, one-way valves for puncture devices, and one-way valves for waste equipment, etc. Wait. Used on different medical equipment and instruments, the structure and material of various medical check valves are also very different. For example, the one-way valve used in intravenous injection and hemodialysis is generally the structure of PC shell + silicone diaphragm, which is divided into low-pressure opening and pre-pressure opening. Such as one-way valves on breathing equipment, diaphragm valves and spring steel ball valves are used on air lines. The one-way valve on the puncture device is generally made of pure rubber, such as silicone rubber, isoprene rubber, butyl rubber, etc. The structure has a word duckbill, a cross duckbill, a cross hemostasis valve, etc.

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