Plastic one-way valve housing

1. Nylon 66: English abbreviations PA66, compared to the ABS and PP, there is relatively high temperature resistance, can be applied to a high temperature environment of 120 ° C; the texture toughness is superior, the color, cold resistance, low rub coefficient; self-lubricity , Shock absorption and sound resistance, resistance, weak acid, alkali, and general solvent, non-formic acid, phenol, alcohol, and concentrated , electrical insulation, self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless; weather resistance, It can be used for long periods of outdoor air. Color custom valves can be made on your sprayer, and the housing is made of PA66.

2. ABS: With very good cold-resistant performance, it can be used in a cold environment for a long time. The thermal deformation temperature of ABS is 93 to 118 ° C, which can be resistant to glycerin, inorganic salts, alkali, polyino acids, most alcohols and hydrocarbons; Disadvantages: Do not resist acid, ketone, aldehyde, ester and chlorine. Color customization can be made.

3. Polypropylene: English abbreviation PP, is universal in real life. It has excellent acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistant to 80 ° C, and has a more highly protruding resistance, and to zone resistance, color ordering can be made. Disadvantages: Breasting at low temperatures, no resistance to grinding and easy light, weather resistance. In your sprayer one-way valve used by your company, there is also a PP material.

4. Polyvinylidene fluoride: English abbreviation PVDF is a great choice for high purity, high strength and anti-solubility, acid, alkali, heat, and flame retardant applications. And is still the best choice for ozone equipment. Disadvantages: The molding process is complex; the material is corrosive on the machine; the price is high; color is true.

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