Today we wants to share a product – ROV valve. The dump valve is mainly used in generators, snow sweepers, high-power water pumps and other machinery operated by gasoline engines. The picture I share below is a shredder used to crush the cut leaves and branches. The crushed branches and leaves will be used as fertilizer, which is green and environmentally friendly and makes effective use of resources.
1. Main functions of dump valve:
First, it is installed on the surface of the oil tank for positive air intake. When the inclination angle of the engine (under abnormal working conditions) is greater than 60 degrees, the valve is closed to prevent oil leakage; At the same time, stop the air supply to the oil tank to promote the engine shutdown protection.
Second, when the engine is working, the oil supply in the oil tank needs air intake. The dump valve can normally intake air at a low negative pressure lower than 1kPa. When the pressure in the oil tank is greater than the set pressure, the valve can be opened for pressure relief to keep the pressure in the oil tank in a normal state;
The oil and gas discharged from the dumping valve reaches the air filter through the connecting pipe; When the engine starts again, the oil and gas stored in the air filter will be absorbed and consumed by the engine. In this way, the relatively closed oil and gas recycling can be realized, so as to prevent the direct discharge of oil and gas to the atmosphere and avoid environmental pollution.
The ROV valve of Jingteng Seiko adopts a new design concept, which has more sensitive response to abnormal working conditions and better sealing performance. At present, it has obtained national patents.
ROV valve is not only a safety valve, but also an environmental protection valve.

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