Rubber check valve—Umbrella valve

(1) Application: A lightweight umbrella-shaped anti-reverse valve that allows fluid to flow in one direction and prevents fluid from flowing back in the opposite direction. This valve is automatically operated, easy to install, and suitable for any installation orientation.

(2) Umbrella skirt design: The thickness and shape of the umbrella skirt will affect the opening pressure. (Including the diameter of the umbrella skirt and the preload distance between the bottom of the umbrella skirt wing and the protruding ball of the umbrella stem.)

(3) Seat design: Umbrella anti-reverse valve requires very smooth l, plastic or synthetic mating parts. (We recommend a maximum surface finish of 0.8 microns Ra for the seat used), since the sealing effect is created by the contact surface of the umbrella valve and its seat . The finish of the seat will directly affect the working performance of the valve parts, so the processing accuracy is very high.

(4) Types of umbrella valves: push umbrella valve, pull-in umbrella valve and inverted skirt umbrella valve

(5) Application scenarios of umbrella valves: fuel systems, in-vehicle temperature adjustment systems and vacuum negative pressure systems in the automotive industry; diagnostic equipment, medicine mixing tanks, breathing systems, etc. in the medical industry; household appliances, vacuum pressure pumps and soap dispensers, high pressure washers, portable water pumps, etc.

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