Silicone industry drives steady Industrial Development

The development prospect of silicone rubber industry is considerable. silicone industry is a capital intensive and high-tech industry. Compared with labor-intensive industries, silicone raw materials are mainly used in large industries such as electronic appliances, medical devices and baby products. Covering a wide range, many previous rubber products will be gradually replaced by silicone. At present, China’s silicone rubber industry has matured, and the chain effect begins to appear. Many silicone rubber products are widely used in people’s daily production and life, which shows that the future development of China’s silicone industry is very good. In 2019, the economic operation of China’s rubber industry remained stable on the whole. Due to the decline of domestic automobile production and sales and the adjustment of logistics and transportation mode, the market of rubber tire products has been affected accordingly. According to the statistical data of China Rubber Industry Association, it is estimated that the annual main business income of major member enterprises will increase by about 6% year-on-year, the profit will increase by about 27%, the export delivery value will increase by about 9% year-on-year, and the profit margin of sales revenue will be about 6%. Among them, the price of raw materials in the tire industry is basically stable throughout the year, the costs of labor, energy and environmental protection are basically controllable, the rigidity of domestic and foreign demand market ensures the exertion of basic production capacity, the appreciation of the US dollar improves the export earnings, and the benefits of overseas factories are good. In addition, the number of last year is relatively low. Although the tire output is basically the same as that of last year, the expected benefits are better than that of last year.

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