Steam Mop

1. The water inlet interface of the existing steam mop is directly connected with the steam generator. The problem is that after the water enters the steam generator, the water will expand and generate steam, and the water will flow back or the steam will enter the water inlet interface, and even the water inlet interface will be blocked, so there are huge potential safety hazards.
2. The one-way pressure relief valve designed by our company is installed on the water inlet interface of the steam mop, which can effectively prevent the backflow of heated and expanded water, ensure stable flow and prevent steam from entering the water inlet interface.
3. Through the control of the pressure relief valve, the exhaust pressure can be opened when the pressure in the steam generator is too high, so as to eliminate the potential safety hazards and improve the use safety of the product.
4. The advantage of this one-way pressure relief valve is that it can be customized according to the opening pressure requirements of customers, and can vent and relieve pressure when the pressure is too high, so as to ensure the use safety of the product.

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