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Cups mainly refer to rubber seals used in hydraulic braking system, clutch control system and afterburner pump system of cars, light vehicles, minivans and some trucks to transfer pressure and seal. Rubber cups are also used in household appliances, such as the rubber cups used on the cylinder block of a double cylinder washing machine, which play a sealing role on the cylinder block. Rubber cup is one of the most important rubber products which are widely used in rubber products.
Rubber cups can be divided into main cylinder cups and wheel cylinder cups according to the use position. The master cylinder leather cup also includes the main leather cup and the auxiliary leather cup, which are used in the single chamber and tandem dual chamber brake master cylinder (formerly known as the master cylinder leather cup and master cylinder leather ring). The wheel cylinder cups are used in all wheel cylinders except the disc brake (formerly known as wheel cylinder cups).

According to the sectional shape of the product, it can be divided into bowl shaped rubber cups and annular rubber cups. The rubber cups of master cylinder can be divided into four types: liquid guide cup, liquid guide ring, pressure bearing ring and positioning ring. There are two types of shape type in the auxiliary cups of the master cylinder: general ring type and C type.
The shape and style of the wheel cylinder leather cup can be divided into three types: bowl type, ring type and reverse hole type.
Main features of rubber cups
1. The cups in the master cylinder and wheel cylinder must have certain elasticity, compression deformation and wear resistance, so as to ensure that the cups have certain return and sealing ability to transmit hydraulic pressure during use.
2. It has good hydraulic medium resistance under high temperature (100~120 ℃ and low temperature (-30~50 ℃), and the leather cup contacts with the brake fluid for a long time in the brake sealing device, so it is required to have good swelling resistance to the brake fluid (fluid and mineral oil), and leakage is not allowed under high temperature, low temperature and static room temperature.

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