What is the carburetor? What does it do?

As we all know, a car is composed of many large parts, and these large parts are also assembled by some small parts. But you know what? There is such a purely mechanical part in the engine, it is the carburetor. But such a thing, but some people do not know what it is. So let’s talk about what is this carburetor? and what does it do!

 What is a carburetor?

 The carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes gasoline and air in a certain proportion after the car engine is working and generates a vacuum. This device is not only the most sophisticated configuration among the many parts of the engine, but also a part called the “heart” of the engine. 

For such an important thing, there are also many precautions when maintaining it. For example, in cleaning, there are also many requirements. When cleaning the carburetor and injector first, it is mainly to clean the idle valve and filter screen. These two things, should choose regular maintenance and repair center for cleaning.

 And it also needs to be cleaned with professional equipment, because if you clean it casually, there is no benefit at all. And the carburetor should be cleaned in a clean place. When wiping the outer surface of the carburetor, use a special cleaning agent for the carburetor or industrial gasoline to clean the internal parts. This will prolong the service life. 

What does it do? 

The function of the carburetor is to use its fluidity to realize the atomization of gasoline through the inhaled air. Because gasoline does not go directly through the duct into the combustion chamber of the engine. Gasoline must be mixed with purified air to form a misty mixture that burns easily when it enters the combustion chamber. So, send gasoline to the carburetor. 

Therefore, the carburetor will generate a mixture of gases with a matching concentration and quantity according to different engine speeds. Therefore, when the engine rotates at different speeds, such as idle, low, medium and high speed, the concentration and amount of the mixture supplied through the carburetor is adjusted accordingly.

 The carburetor will automatically match the corresponding concentration according to the different working conditions of the engine, and output the corresponding amount of mixture. Moreover, in order to mix the mixed gas evenly, the carburetor also has the function of atomizing the fuel, so that the internal parts of the car can operate normally.

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