What is the difference between a duckbill valve and a check valve?

Both duckbill valve and check valve are types of check valves, they are used to regulate the flow of fluids, typically liquids or gases, into one direction and prevent back flow or reverse flow. But each type of check valve has different specification.

These are some typical types of check valve as following:

Duckbill Valve

Umbrella Valve

Spring Check Valve

Diaphragm Valve

Each type of check valve has its own advantage. Compare to all types above, we could find out the biggest advantage:

1, Resistance to Clogging (Or we call it self-cleaning): Duckbill valves are less prone to clogging compared to some other valve types due to their simple design and lack of mechanical parts that could trap debris. It allows small particles goes through.

Other advantage such as simplicity and size.

2, Simplicity: Duckbill valves have a simple design with no moving parts, hinges, or springs that can wear out or malfunction. This simplicity contributes to their reliability and reduces the need for maintenance.

3,Compact Size: The compact size of duckbill valves makes them suitable for installations where space is limited. Their design allows them to be integrated into tight spaces without sacrificing functionality.

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