What is the purpose of duckbill valve

First of all, why is it called a duckbill valve. By comparing the following two pictures, the shape of the valve body is very similar to that of a duckbill, so it is very appropriate to call it a duckbill valve.

This is platypus, also called duck-billed platypus because of its’ snout.

This is duckbill valve which we use the name by following the same shape of platypus’ snout.

Platypus’ snout is very sensitive to find food, so does duckbill valve could be sensitive in functional. Here is photo of how duckbill work.   

Obviously purpose of duckbill valve is allowing the flow goes in one direction while preventing backflow in the opposite direction, and with one unique advantage & function.

We could find that particles, such as sand, thrombosis or even a tube, could goes through duckbill’s lip just like photo below.

Because the sealing area is the lip, which keep all other space in open.

All in all, tt is an elastomeric components made of different type of rubber to meet different kinds of situation, respiratory devices, fuel tank vents, drainage etc.

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