Why is maintenance so important to an engine?

At the beginning of the new year, most of the friends have set their own annual small goals and are working hard to achieve them. And for the engines that have been working hard for us, it is also worth us to specify a small maintenance goal for them, so that they can maintain excellent working conditions throughout the year without falling off the chain, and avoid sudden “temper” and “pick up”.

Why is maintenance so important to an engine?

When a small gasoline engine is working, there is always light or heavy dust in the surrounding air. Don’t underestimate these tiny dusts. Their composition is silicon dioxide, which is harder than iron. If they are sucked into the engine, the dust can quickly cause scratches on internal parts such as pistons and cylinders. Over time, the engine will have problems such as clogging of the carburetor, burning oil, and pulling the cylinder. The air filter is the “dust mask” of the engine. It filters out dust from the air, preventing it from entering and avoiding various engine problems caused by it.

Gasoline will deteriorate or contain impurities, and the formed acid, colloidal deposits and impurities will cause the carburetor to block, causing problems such as difficulty in starting, power loss, cruising or accelerating stalls. When the engine is not used for a long time, the gasoline in the fuel tank, fuel pipe and carburetor should be emptied to avoid the formation of glue. The gasoline filter element can filter impurities in gasoline very well.

Engine oil
After long-term use, the oil gradually loses its lubricating properties due to high temperature oxidation, and there are many abrasives formed by the precipitation of l chips or oxides. If not replaced regularly, these failed oils and the abrasives in them will greatly accelerate engine wear and reduce engine life. Timely changing the oil and using the oil filter is the guarantee that the engine is well lubricated.

Spark plug
Since the spark plug works in the combustion chamber of the engine and is in a harsh environment of high temperature and high pressure for a long time, it is a vulnerable part. If it is still used after its economic life, it is not conducive to the performance of the engine’s power and economy. It should be replaced in time.

In the case of dusty, heavy load, high temperature and more severe use environment, the engine maintenance cycle should be shortened. The parts used in the maintenance process are more important, please choose original parts! ! !

Why can’t counterfeit accessories be used? There are two reasons:

1 Because the quality of counterfeit parts is not guaranteed! For example, the counterfeit air filter has poor workmanship, uneven filter paper mesh and poor sealing, which cannot achieve a good filtering effect, often causing abrasives to enter the engine, resulting in engine failure.

2 The use of counterfeit parts will void the warranty! 

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